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Qianwei Kromschroder Meters(Chongqing)Co., Ltd. (be short for “Qw//Krom” below) is the fourth-ranked supplier of gas metering equipment in the world. It is a joint venture invested by Chongqing Qianwei Technology co.,Ltd and Elster (Germany) in January 2001. Its registered capital is 50 million RMB. The company has 400 more employees. It’s mainly engaged in production, R&D, and sales of gas meter, regulator and gas calibration system.The both shareholders began to cooperate since 1986, and have been friendly cooperated for more than 30 years.

Qw//Krom has researched diaphragm gas meter since 1978. Now it has the experience from nothing to everything, and is the leader enterprise in gas metering industry, and owns global leading technology. Its main productions are include diaphragm gas meter, flow meter, smart meter, metering equipment of pressure regulation, ultrasonic gas meter, MEMS gas meter and so on.

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